Wingfoil Experience

Daniel Graffe

The stoke about wingfoiling (wingsurfing) is real and in this podcast we are all about our new favourite sport. We interview your beloved instagram wingfoilers and ask them all your questions. How do you get started? What should you buy? Where can you wingsurf? Who is who? We cover all your questions and we share the stoke. If you want to reach out, please contact me via Instagram, @dgraffe. #GoWingIt Daniel

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#036 (EN) Tim Taudien
1 Std. 12 Min.
#036 (EN) Tim Taudien#035 (EN) Matteo Guazzoni, RRD#034 (EN) Robert Stehlik#033 (EN) Robby Naish#032 (EN) Balz Müller aka Radiculo#031 (EN) Benjamin May#030 (EN) Julian Glatz & Frank Rudzik, Do It Yourself E-Foil
In this episode I want to learn how to build an efoil myselft at home. A commercial efoil from companies like Lift or Flite are 10.000 to 15.000€ BUT the do it yourself (DIY) approach of Julian and Frank is below 1.800€ total cost (including the foil, which I already own as a wingfoiler :D). Wingfoiling is awesome but being able to foil without wind over a completely calm lake is something that I want to experience soon. Here are the resources and videos mentioned in this episode: The video of Frank & Julian on their rifle case DIY efoil is on Youtube: https://youtu.be/x0L7fkWBXuQ Here you can find all the details about their built on foil.zone: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4825593 https://foil.zone/t/surf-n-destroy-building-a-flying-sniper-rifle-case/11555/24?u=superlefax The Australian brand regarding the SUP-foil attachment drive mentioned in the podcast is: https://www.foildrive.com.au/ Get in touch with Julian at Instagram: @dragonfruitbaerlauch Get in touch with Frank at Foil.Zone: https://foil.zone/u/superlefax/summary Become a part of Frank's and Julian's German-speaking Telegram Group here: https://t.me/joinchat/RUsJcycTpW085-GY Watch this interview an more on the Wingfoil Experience Youtube Channel: http://youtube.com/danielgraffe Get all the links for every podcast episode here to share the stoke with your friends: https://www.wingfoilexperience.com/ If you want to get in touch with me, please do so here: https://www.dgraffe.de/en/ Or via Instagram: @dgraffe #GoWingIt Daniel
1 Std. 28 Min.
#029 (EN) Jelle Stoop at Dockstarts#028 (EN) Philip Horn, Vayu#027 (DE) Klaas Voget#026 (DE) Dave Marten Vayu Teamrider#025 (EN) Kyriakos Giakoumaros#024 (EN) Annabel van Westerop#023 (EN) Roberto Ricci Part 2#022 (EN) Roberto Ricci Part 1#021 (EN) Abel Lago#020 (EN) Zane Kekoa Schweitzer
1 Std. 31 Min.
#019 (EN) Sam Aben#018 (DE) Tim Schubert von Duotone zum Slick#017 (EN) Adrian Kerr, Kitesurf365 Podcast