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Kreuzgut.Disko • 1st Quarter 2024 Fa❤️s

1Burn Alive2POP POP POP3I Was a DJ in 20154Distant Dawn5Melvin Said This6Loud Bark7Shaking Their Hands8Mind9Out of Time10Smashed Glass11Bitter Lake12Murder on the Dance Floor (triple j Like A Version)13Reading Material14Bloody Rainbow15Aha (it's ok)16Unreal17Hello18Dean Martin19You're Just Jealous20Missing Person21marble arch22Albert Road23the exception24Be a Mom25Claw26Pursuit27Sickly Sweet28Average Boy29s o f t e r30waterlily31Baggage32Tell Me About It33Reimagine34Last Frontier35Casino36The Vampire37We Make Hits38Shiver39First Song40Sweet Thing41The Duke Part II (Friends & Enemies)42Warsaw43Disney Princesses ((Susan Says))44Pop Star45Tarkovski46MAMA MADE THIS BOY47Fleißig (Schloss)48Discount49Headspace50Brown Paper Bag51Standard Tuning52Protocol53Tourist Language54Tamagotchi55Computer Girl56Never Did Come Back57Clot58How Beautiful I Am59Untitled