Children and Books

Lubina Hajduk und Branko Hajduk

Child raising and development - this words are associated with so many challenges and adventures that want to be solved, but most of all, they want to be experienced! And this is exactly what we talk about in our PodCast: "Children and books". "Mum, now I've moved out, how do we keep in touch as good as before?" - "Let's record a PodCast". That or something like that is how we found our way into the world of PodCasts. And that's exactly what it's all about, we regularly invite exciting guests and talk to them about education, values and what's currently on our minds around education and books. I'm Lubina, a children's author from Lusatia, and I'm really pleased that you found our PodCast about children, books and education. We look forward to your feedback, gladly via Instagram, Facebook (@lubinahajduk) or on my website: https://lubina-hajduk.com

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