"I want to sing!" - This is why children love to sing

Children and Books

04-09-2021 • 17 Min.

Spontaneously express emotions? Or a deeper question: How can I express my feelings and my condition? Especially as children there are still no or hardly any social inhibitions learned. Also, to a certain extent, the understanding of the other person and the cause - effect principle is missing. That's why (some) children sometimes just start singing! Totally indignant, they dispense their feelings and thoughts. Logically, as a parent you are sometimes overwhelmed for a moment. Today we talk with Karin about children, more specifically, about singing and what it means for a child. Karin is a passionate choir director and mother and talks about her experiences with singing. The following question we will talk about today: What is the best way to sing? Why do children like to sing so much? What does it mean for children to just sing? How do I deal with it when my child just sings away? Enjoy listening, we look forward to your feedback.