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PeaceTech: Digital Tools for Building Inclusive Peace

War, Peace & the In Between

Dec 2 2020 • 17 mins

We open the series with an introduction to the growing field of PeaceTech, and examine how and why peace builders are teaming up with data scientists to develop cutting-edge technology for inclusive peace. We explore what it takes to make a successful PeaceTech collaboration, and take a glimpse into two PeaceTech initiatives in action: a digital tracking tool monitoring global ceasefires during the Covid-19 pandemic, and a mobile app that enables women's participation in peace processes.

Hosted by Allyson Doby, part of the communications team at the University of Edinburgh's Political Settlements Resarch Programme (PSRP), and featuring special guests Dr Devanjan Bhattacharya and Fiona Knäussel from the PSRP's PeaceTech team.

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