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Join dynamic duo and old friends Nadia Koski and Tiana Madera as they bring their combined 30 years digital media industry experience to this insightful, genuine, and occasionally hilarious new show Women Lead.Women Lead is a podcast dedicated to the important leadership topics, challenges and achievements that professional women experience everyday at the workplace. Through in-depth discussions with each other and guests, Nadia and Tiana explore what it takes to build your career, lead with empathy, and help the next generation of young female leaders rise up to take the reins in their industries.Based in Florence Italy, Nadia Koski bring her more than 15 years experience as a team leader, global content head of a large digital media and ad-tech organisation, as well as everything from fashion, to artist management, to publishing and digital startups.Tiana Madera, currently based in Los Angeles CA, also has over 15 years experience professionally building brands through social media, creating content, and leading teams as an account director.Together they will bring their unique insights from across their breadth of experience and no less, from across the globe. read less

3. Masculine vs Feminine Leadership Styles
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3. Masculine vs Feminine Leadership Styles
Feminine leadership style is characterised by empathy, collaboration, and intuition while masculine leadership style is characterised by competition, control, and power. While both styles can be successful in achieving goals, they tend to differ in how they approach and solve problems.Why do companies with greater gender diversity do better? Could it be that leaders of those companies appreciate and leverage both “masculine” and “feminine” approaches to work? Could outcomes be better because they are products of a balance of the two? Could this result in greater engagement and retention of women?Both masculine and feminine approaches have strengths and limitations. When an organization is dominated by either masculine or feminine approaches, there is a risk that the downsides of that approach will emerge. With a balance of masculine and feminine approaches, the organization gets more of the strengths and less of the downsides of each. And there is more likely to be a balance with both men and women at the top.Today in Women Lead Nadia & Tiana discuss all this and more sharing their personal stories and own management styles, as well as provide a few book recommendations!Further Reading:M vs F Management StylesA Balance of Leadership StylesNadia's Book Rec 1. When Women LeadNadia's Book Rec. 2. Shatki LeadershipTiana's Book Rec 1. Radical CandorTiana's Book Rec 2. Radical AcceptanceProduced and Hosted by Nadia Koski & Tiana MaderaEngineered by Phil McDowellProject Leads Dennis Kirschnir & Stefanie LeonardiYou can contact the show at womenleadpodcast@the-digital-distillery.comor go to the website.Find us on LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram