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The Business Karaoke Podcast is both a podcast but a community of global leaders who exchange stories to modernize the dialogue around business in and with Japan. The Business Karaoke Podcast is sponsored by Design Thinking Japan.
VR & the Metaverse - a CEO Perspective with Takuma Iwasa
In this episode we are joined by Takuma Iwasa. Iwasa-san is the founder and CEO of IOT consumer electronics company, Shiftall Inc. I first met Iwasa-san when I visited his Tokyo offices with a mural friend. I say office but it really is more like a buzzing lab. Each person uniquely designed their own workplace with things that inspire them and it's not uncommon to see people walking around wearing prototypes. When Facebook changed their named and unveiled the concept of the Metaverse and VR as the next phase of the internet, I thought who better to talk to about all this than someone who already lives there.In this episode, Iwasa-san shares his journey from being a curious student of computers to his role as the founder and CEO of Shiftall. We explore the gaps in expectation of VR, the Metaverse as the internet 2.0 and the kinds of contributions Iwasa-san sees his company making to build that reality.I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did and moreover, I hope it brings you value and is worth your time. Let's begin!Key Conversations05:45  |  When did you fall in love with computers & Intro to Iwasa17:05  |  Shiftall current team and how they come up with new products23:40  |  Gaps; Localization and exhibition and end user 31:43  |  Metaverse as Internet 2.036:05  |  Halitrax and preparing for the Metaverse45:48  |  Metaverse use cases53:35  |  What's the Japanese pulse on privacy and Iwasa's hope looking forwardThis episode is also available on YouTube ⬇️https://youtu.be/2cTqyIkD1OIFind out more about Iwasa-san here:Website | https://ja.shiftall.netTwitter | https://twitter.com/warenosyoLinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/warenosyo/
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Developing Desirable Futures with Human Centered Design with Chris Pacione
In this episode we are joined by the Co-Founder and CEO of LUMA Institute, Chris Pacione. Chris leads a highly-skilled, multidisciplinary team of designers and practitioners located around the world who are passionate about fostering the practice of design thinking among individuals, within teams, and across entire organizations. He is co-author of the LUMA System and the book “Innovating for People” and has been awarded numerous US and EU patents for his work.This episode is quite special for me for a few reasons; as I referenced on the podcast but maybe not gone into too much detail, Human Centered Design, or HCD and Design Thinking, is a cornerstone of my work igniting the change I wish to see in the world. And I use the LUMA System, which Chris as part of developing, to do it. This episode is the beautiful collisions of my Business Karaoke World, Human Centered Design World and Design Thinking Japan World and I couldn't be happier to share it with you.We'll define Human Centered Design and make the case that everyone is a Designer. We'll explore how that Design literacy may become as important as Math literacy for the modern knowledge worker. We'll talk about the innovation environment leadership will need to build in order to see a return on investment of up-skilling their people to a basic level of Design literacy. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did and moreover, I hope it brings you value and is worth your time. Let's begin!💡Key Conversations05:00  |  With the definition of Design, everyone is a Designer.15:30  |  The role of Design literacy in the economy may become as important as Math literacy in the industrial revolution23:30  |  The evolving dialogue and misconceptions between Business & Design 32:35  |  What does change look like in organizations with long and richer histories42:25  |  Is there a HCD metric we can look to?46: 55 |  The Karaoke Innovation Mindset51:00  |  How Leadership can create an environment for innovation57:35  |  The daily business of creating extraordinary things----To know more about Chris or the LUMA System, have a look here:LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/chris-pacione-ceo-luma/Website | https://www.lumaworkplace.com
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Podcasting is Curiosity and Active Listening; Not so Much the Mic with Jayne Nakata
In this episode we are joined by Jayne Nakata. Jayne is the creator of PodLaunch with Jayne and the host of the Transformations with Jayne Podcast.  Jayne story's  one day noticing that there was no voice of other women like herself: foreign, a mother and living outside of the major cities in Japan, feeling isolated and alone in their daily lives to not only publishing over 100 episodes but empowering other women in Japan to overcome the challenges of bringing their voices to the podcasting world. I wanted to share the lessons of; curiosity, listening and overcoming perceived circumstance to create something new and become an industry thought leader in the process, with the Business Karaoke community as even if you're not building a podcast, I'm sure' you're facing similar situations in your businesses, teams or departments. We dive into what it means to lead by listening, the difference between those who do and those who don't after having a "I should have a podcast moment," the opportunity for women to name and claim a niche dialogue and if the best tools result in the best podcasts. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. Please go ahead and share your thoughts with me on your favorite social media platform. Also, I have some news for you, the Business Karaoke Podcast is now also on Instagram. Follow us over at @BusinessKaraokePodcast to be the first to see our memorable moments from each episode.Let's begin!Key Conversations 💡05:40  |  Leading by listening 10:55  |  Beyond the "I should have a podcast moment"23:25  |  Where are the women in podcasting?33:55  |  Do the best tools make the best podcasts?41:45  |  Moving from downloads to KPIs with contextThis episode is also available on YouTube ⬇️https://youtu.be/tix4W9biFc0To know about out more about Jayne, follow these links ⬇️Website  | https://www.jaynenakata.com/podcastconsultingFacebook  |  https://www.facebook.com/transformationswithjayneInstagram  | https://www.instagram.com/transformationswithjayne/LinkedIn  | https://www.linkedin.com/in/jaynenakata/
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スタートアップの創設者をより大きな投資に導くwith 堀江愛利
このエピソードで堀江愛利さんあ来ていただきました。堀江愛利さんはWomen's Startup Lab(WSUL)の創設者兼CEO。 WSULはシリコンバレーにあるアクセラレーターです。 WSULは、イノベーションとコラボレーションを通じて女性の成功に取り組んでいます。堀江愛利さんは情熱、結果、そして人前で話すことで国際的に有名です。 さらに、堀江愛利さん最近、アントレプレナー誌によって2020年の100人のPowerful Woman の1人desu。この会話では、色々な面白いテーマについて話します。例えば、なぜ堀江愛利さんは大企業から起業家精神に移動したのか、どうやって堀江愛利さんはシリコンバレーの風景を影響しているのか、堀江愛利さんとWSULのチームは、どうやって女性のスタートアップ創業者が成功するために独自にサポートしているか。10代の留学生の経験でも、現在のシリコンバレーの成功でも、やっぱり同じ一生懸命を頑張っている、笑っている、堀江愛利さんのですね。この会話を楽しんでいただければ幸いです。 InstagramやLinkedInでみなさまの考えやコメントを是非是非共有してください。愛利さんをもっと知りたい方へ、以下のリンクをご覧ください。LinkedIn  |  https://www.linkedin.com/in/arihorie/WSUL  |  https://womenstartuplab.com
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Steering StartUp Founders to Greater Investment with Ari Horie
In this episode we are joined by Ari Horie. Ari-san is the Founder and CEO of Women's Startup Lab (WSUL). A Silicon Valley based accelerator dedicated to creating a world where women thrive and succeed through innovation and collaboration. Ari is internationally recognized for her passion, results and public speaking prowess and was recently listed as one of the 100 Powerful Women of 2020 by Entrepreneur magazine. In this conversation we dive into Ari's unique reason to move from corporate to entrepreneurship, why Ari is working so tirelessly to change the landscape of Silicon Valley and how she and her team at WSUL create opportunities for female startup founders to accelerate their path to success and funding. What I found so interesting about the decision to focus on female founders was not that Ari was deeply passionate  about women's issues, rather she saw a target group suffering under an unmet need, and in the true spirit of an entrepreneur, she flew in solved it.Listening to Ari's share her story, whether it's the formative experience of her time as an student exchange or the impact she's created with WSUL; it's all been done with the same can-do, laugh so before we attitude. Ari-san really is the image of how we do one thing is how we do everything. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Please share you thoughts or comments with me over on Instagram or LinkedIn.💡 Key Conversations04:25  |  The courage to share when it's not going well07:35  |  Ari's move from corporate to entrepreneurship 12:50  |  The pushback from old systems on new businesses 22:40  |  Balancing structure and uncertainty31:40  |  The business of investing in women To know more about Ari or WSUL follow the links below:LinkedIn  |  https://www.linkedin.com/in/arihorie/WSUL  |  https://womenstartuplab.com
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Jumping the 2025 Digital Cliff - Actions and Thoughts with Evan Burkosky
In this episode, we have the rare pleasure of welcoming back a guest and its all the more special as its close friend of the Business Karaoke Podcast, Evan Burkosky. Evan is a Digital Transformation (DX) expert in Japan helping  businesses adopt new technologies and improve productivity via AI, automation, eCommerce, and retail logistics. He has worked both agency-side and vendor-side selling to Japan’s Fortune 500, co-founded several startups, and is a Senior Advisor to several others. Currently he is the Country Manager for Dynamic Yield, Board Director at TELL, and Senior Advisor at Fast Track Asia.If you haven't yet had the pleasure of hearing Evan's first episode, I'd recommend you do. As to understand where we are and where we are going, which is the focus of this episode, it's valuable to understand the factors that brought us here in the first place. For example; Evan's theory that Japan's reluctance to move completely to the cloud has more to do with the fear of natural disasters than immaturity of digital transformation. In this episode we dive into Japan's digital scorecard, the pandemic and other accelerators to change, the 2025 Digital cliff and Evan's personal predictions about what's ahead. I love this episode because its full of the kind of actionable ideas and information that get you focused and excited on a challenge, not confused overwhelmed. Also, the day this episode is live is Evan's birthday so feel free to head over to LinkedIn and say happy birthday!I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did and don’t forget to share your feedback with me on your favorite social platform. Let's begin!💡 Key Conversations  02:55  |  Intro to Evan and why DX is important to him personally07:53  |  Japan’s Digital Scorecard14:05  |  If the benefit of investment is obvious, what's the hold up? 27:55  |  Pandemic and other accelerators52:30  |  Recommendations and projections to jump the 2025 "Digital Cliff" 1:20:35  |  The role Design Thinking may playHere are some places for you to learn more about Evan and his work:Evan's first Business Karaoke episode | https://www.buzzsprout.com/1009438/5248537LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/evanburkosky/
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Business born out of the challenges of motherhood with Kayo Tokumaru
In this episode we are joined by Kayo Tokumaru. Kayo-san is the founder of AndAssist, a Tokyo-based bilingual virtual assistant company. Like all inspirational businesses, the reason WHY they exist outshines WHAT they do to exist. It became quite clear to Kayo-san that there simply weren't enough hours in the day to invest in both an, at times rigid, corporate career and a new growing family. So she moved from the corporate world to started her own business to give both herself and other working mothers the flexibility the need to thrive in both work and life.This episode is what we call in Design Thinking, the problem space of the double diamond. We are not yet in the solution space; we're simply trying to map the territory and understand the issue better before we jump into how we can solve it. Now we, as a society, are moving past the "working from home due to COVID restrictions" to rethinking, redesigning and reorganization new ways to collaborate, I am personally committed to investing more time and energy to creating conversations around work-life balance for working families. I hope you'll find some value in it.Kayo-san shares with us the founding story of AndAssist, we explore  the historical image of a strong Japanese woman and learn about some memorable moments along Kayo-san entrepreneurial journey. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did!💡 Key Conversations 00:45  |  AndAssist founding story03:20  |  Working with working mothers and what actions can corporations take to support re-entry07:40  |  The image of a strong Japanese female - Queen Himiko and the current underutilized female workforce.  12:05  |  Changing traditions and 5 years from now16:00  |  Standout AndAssist story Here are some places for you to learn more about Kayo-san or AndAssist;LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/kayo-tokumaru-239612187/Website | https://andassist.jp
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母性のチャレンジから生まれたビジネス with 德丸佳世Solving Japan’s CX Dilemma; Why Better Research = Better Design = Better CX with Ryan Hart
In this episode of the Business Karaoke podcast, we have the pleasure welcoming back Ryan Hart. Ryan first joined us in episode 34 to talk about Customer Experience and today he joins us to dive deeper into solving Japan’s Customer Experience Dilemma and why better Research, leads to better Design and better CX. Ryan currently empowers a team of talented creative and strategic doers to help accelerate experience, digital, and cultural transformations for organizations in Japan at the PwC Experience Center in Tokyo.In this episode Ryan leads us on a journey to explore the importance of elevating Research and Design to have an earlier seat at the decision making table, the consequences of improving user research to progress from design for functionality to design for emotion (or not) and most exciting Ryan shares with us a string of stories from the field. I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Please leave your feedback with me on you favorite social media platform. It absolutely makes my day to know what you enjoyed and more importantly, WHY, so that I can bring you more of what you'd like to see in future episodes.Let's begin!Key Conversations 💡 02:08  |  How Ryan got started in CX and his personal mission in Japan10:08  |  Elevating Research and Design to have an earlier seat at the decision making table20:40  |  Redesigning from form follows function to function follows feeling and the current state of user research 28:58  |  A surprising piece of data a skin care company uncovered through research 31:25  |  How to small with research and the 5 persona guide37:20  |  A memorable research success story and the power of agile communication in the design process45:40  |  The consequences of product and service design in Japan lacking both meaningful human centered research and designHere's a few more places you can learn more about Ryan ⬇️Ryan's previous BKP episode  |  https://www.buzzsprout.com/1009438/6567415LinkedIn |  https://www.linkedin.com/in/ryan-hart-a9254b4/Support the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/1QnboZC)
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Martial Arts Principles that Inspired this People Driven Business with Robin Doenicke
In this episode we are joined by Robin Doenicke. Robin is the founder and CEO of Zensho, paradigm-changing ‘blue ocean’ platform that would liberate and reward recruitment professionals to a degree previously unseen. What Robin calls, "being in business for yourself but not by yourself." The market responded with awarding them with “Best Company to Work For” and “Best Newcomer.” And in 2020, APAC Entrepreneur magazine featured him as one of the “20 Most Influential Entrepreneurs in Japan.”Robin's passion for embracing and  reimagining the potential of his industry is only surpassed by the passion has to his people, who he calls his tribe. This episode is personal journey of one martial artist turned entrepreneur on how focus, being present and not arguing with reality can bring you closer to your why and the real work you were put on this planet to do. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did and please share your feedback with me on your favorite social media platform.💡 Key Conversations08:00  |  Unlikely inspirations and reimagining your own business15:45  |  The influence of martial arts on business20:26  |  Building a "yes" tribe 26:40  |  Leveraging the individuality of a team33:35  |  Memorable entrepreneurial moments and the impact of changing your story38:07  |  Letting life flow and looking forward with peace in your heart Have a look at these links to connect with or learn more about Robin:LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/robindoenicke/Zensho | https://www.zenshoagency.comSupport the show (https://www.buymeacoffee.com/1QnboZC)
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ありそうもない繋がりを受け入れて、新しい可能性を誘発する with 漆原 琢雄
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How This Community Embraces Unlikely Connections to Provoke New Possibilities with Tak Urushihara
In this episode we are joined by Takuo Urushihara, who just goes by Tak. Tak wears many hats; not only is he the director of Operations at Venture Café Tokyo but  he also leads a long standing traditional family business in Japan.In this episode, we take a deep dive into the importance of embracing unlikely connections in the service of others and how they can provoke new opportunities. And who better to walk us through through this topic with a string of personal stories, than Tak! Tak was born in Japan but raised globally; having spent portions of his life in Malaysia and the United States. Diversity is not only a theme in this personal life but also most certainly also in his professional life, having done creative work for the Boston Red Sox to now building one of the most prominent innovation communities in Japan with Venture Café Tokyo.In the Business Karaoke community, we, like you and I, we're also in a way like Tak. Striving to make our Japan "and" stories somehow worthwhile maybe not even for ourselves but at least for somebody else.I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Please share your feedback with me on your favorite social medial platform.Let's begin!💡 Key Conversations03:33  |  Failure is good enough for a t-shirt08:05  |  The unlikely start of building Venture Cafe Tokyo15:09  |  Returning to Japan with new challenge 25:30  |  Type "C" people and building communities where diversity is an advantage 44:30  |  Putting the "I" in innovation - contributing to a community in your own way53:40  |  Future hopes  To learn more about Tak and Tokyo Venture Cafe  and CIC Tokyo follow the links.
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Ep. 49: The Business of Design; from Startup to IPO and Beyond with Boris JitsukataEp. 48: Transporting Value to Transporting with Values. Part 1 - Ecosystem with Azarel Chamorro
In this episode, we are joined by Azarel Chamorro. Azarel is the Smart Mobility Lead at Mirai Share and transport consultant based in Japan with passion for Mobility-as-a-Service, public transport and new mobility technologies.I have been an avid LinkedIn follower of Azarel's work and commentary on mobility for some time now. When I shared with him that I love how he brings fun and excitement to mobility he quickly responded, "I bring no fun to mobility, mobility brings fun to us!" And this is very much the tone of the conversation. Over the next hour we're lucky enough to leverage Azarel's International experience in everything from mobility startups to public or established companies to cover everything; from life as a mobility consultant during global lockdowns, how the world class Japanese railway system was largely founded on their research tours to early 20th century Europe and trends to look for in the next 12 - 24 months.I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Please share you feedback with me on your favorite social medial platform.Let's begin!💡 Key Conversations04:28  |  Development of world class Japanese railways14:33  |  Train stations as ecosystems that drive new business models25:44  |  Is there a maturity gap between mobility and digitalization?32:48  |  Privatisation; a unique success story40:22  |  How the Bullet Train (Shinkansen) began as failure48:15  |  Trends to watchWant to know more or connect with Azarel?LinkedIn | https://www.linkedin.com/in/azchaob/Website | www.miraishare.co.jp
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Ep. 47: Meaningful Conversations - Your First Audience is You with Helen Iwata
In this episode we are joined by Helen Iwata. Helen is the Founder and President of Sasuga Communications and is dedicated to helping professional women to excel in their work without being exhausted through the power of the Sasuga! Success Cycle. She's a bilingual Brit, wife, and mother, with a 3-decade corporate and entrepreneurial career in Japan, including 10 years with McKinsey & Company in Tokyo. I was so interested in having Helen join us on the Business Karaoke podcast because as much as I love talking with global leaders who are passionate about innovation, transformation and doing business in Japan in our digital world, after listening to Helen's Sasuga podcast I recognised we haven't spent as much time talking about things like; mental health, being kind to yourself and quality self dialogue as equally important components to running an impactful business as perhaps we should.Thinking that we are now clicking over to a year of isolation and remote working and I wanted to reflect and recharge on how we can not only be well in times of COVID but also excel.I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did. Please share you feedback with me on your favorite social medial platform.Let's begin!Key Moments 💡Helen's passion of supporting women in business and strategies on stepping up💡Moving from survive to excel during remote work and when you're not sure if your best is really good enough 💡Creating micro-moments to live your best life💡Podcasting and how consistency can grow into passion If you'd like to connect with or find out more about Helen, here are some places to do that:Website: sasugacommunications.comPodcast: sasugacommunications.com/podcastFacebook: facebook.com/sasugacommunicationsInstagram: instagram.com/heleniwataYouTube: youtube.com/heleniwataClubhouse: @heleniwataSasuga! Cafe: sasugacommunications.com/cafeSasuga! VIP Women’s Coaching: sasugacommunications.com/vip
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Ep. 46: 職場の多様性はビジネスに良い with 星野ファビアンEp. 45: Workplace Diversity, a Good Business Decision with Fabian HoshinoEp. 44: Communities Who Care - Insights from Japan Hackathon Founder with Kanako AkagiEp. 43: ジャパンハッカソン創設者からの「心のあるコミュニティを作成する」コツ with 赤城賀奈子Ep. 42: A "Van-Life" Business; Inspired by a Childhood Passion with Jared Campion