EMP Ep 50 The Independent Artist Check List with Sophie Small and Rachael Scarsbrook part 1 of 2

Exploring Music Podcast

Nov 2 2020 • 57 mins

In this, Episode 50 (which is part of Series 5) of the SyncLodge Exploring Music Podcast we explore best practices for the independent music artist, the steps and perspectives needed to build a sustainable career in the music industry. With professional insights into how to build your career, from show strategy to industry relationships. This is the first part of a two part conversation.

Sophie Small, COO and Head of Music at Music Gateway cut her teeth in the live sector as an intern and Artist Liaison at Festival Republic before moving to music tech platform, Music Gateway, in 2014. She joined the company as an intern and was promoted through the ranks to Marketing Manager in 2015 and Head of Operations in 2016. At 23, Sophie led her first major UK-wide campaign from inception to fulfilment, managing Music Gateway’s lead team, in partnership with Gibson Brands and Argos & Metropolis. Today, as COO and Head of Music, Sophie manages targets and KPIs across each department. She is passionate about levelling the playing field and empowering independents who need help creating, managing and monetizing their music.

And Joining Sophie is Rachael Scarsbrook.

Rachael Scarsbrook works as the Music Promotions Manager at Music Gateway.  Rachael is charged with devising and delivering campaigns to help artists gain exposure across radio, DSPs, TV, Press & Online in order to build their brands and network of fans. She started out in music journalism at age 16 and went on to study journalism at university.  Rachael hosted and produced student radio and was the Music Editor for the student paper in print and online. She has gone on to be published in The 405, The Guardian, GoldFlakePaint, SOUNDS Magazine, Highclouds & Renowned For Sound.  Rach also writes festival reviews for Festival Republic and can be found working the merch desk of MUNA shows throughout the UK. She joined Music Gateway early last year after she sold the CMO a coffee in the cafe where she was working. She is, perhaps, too in love with the city of Los Angeles--a love which blossomed after flying there on a whim to see Haim play for the 36th time.
For more information on Music Gateway please visit www.musicgateway.com

The music for this episode is by the Lex Records recording artist GILA from the album Energy Demonstrations, including tracks Mana Orange, Buffalo 2 Miami, Pacifico Entrancer, and Late Night Fighter. For more information please visit www.lexrecords.com

The EMP theme music players are Joe Schirl on bass guitar and Peter Mayerhofer on hand pan. The music played through the conversation was composed, engineered and mixed by Lionel Lodge.

This episode conversation was recorded at The Joint in the Kings Cross area of London, England. For more information on their services please visit www.thejoint.org.uk

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