Exploring Music E39 Contemporary and Underground Jazz part 2 of 2 with Karina Byrne and Ellis Johnson

Exploring Music Podcast

Jul 3 2020 • 30 mins

For this episode, which is titled Contemporary and Underground Jazz, Karina Byrne and Ellis Johnson discuss what is on the forefront of today's Jazz scene.

Karina Byrne, who has a 1st Class Honors Bachelor’s Degree in Music Performance, Recording, Music Management and Sound Design from the University of West London holds the position of Music Supervisor at Cord Worldwide where she works across music Licensing and Supervision for advertising campaigns with brands such as Agent Provocateur, JLR, Vodafone, Shell and BT.

Ellis is an Advertising Creative Manager who is passionate around the world of music. He DJs across numerous Venues in his spare time. With his job he looks at the Strategy & Designing of campaigns which includes working with the likes of Sony, Atlantic & Universal.

Ellis is also an experienced Saxophonist and Jazz vocalist, Ellis is now looking at the industry from the enjoyment of a listener. Jazz has been a focal point to his music discovery, looking at how its origins have now influenced the modern industry.

The EMP theme music players are Joe Schirl on bass guitar and Peter Mayerhofer on hand pan. The music played through the conversation was composed, engineered and mixed by Lionel Lodge.

This episode conversation was recorded at The Joint in the Kings Cross area of London, England. Click here for more information on their services.

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