Exploring Music E 17 Music Industry Longevity part 02 of 03 with Eddy Temple Morris and Andy Strange

Exploring Music Podcast

Dec 30 2019 • 45 mins

Music Industry Longevity - Eddy Temple-Morris and Andy Strange discuss their very successful and long careers and how they managed to sustain and build their careers. This is their first meeting in 30 years.

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Eddy Temple-Morris, who has worked in what could be termed as the Entertainment Industry Plus for over 27 years, has extensive experience as a radio presenter and a radio show producer including years of duty at BBC Radio One, Atlantic 252’s On The Edge, The Remix show on XFM and his current position as a presenter on Virgin Radio.  His TV experience includes producer and presenter for MTV’s Up For It, presenter on Channel 5’s chart show, producer and presenter for ITV’s This Way Up, presenter for Channel 4’s Mobile One The Grid.

He’s been music curator for festivals, TV and radio shows, even music for The Queen’s summer exhibition plus the favorite tour DJ of The Prodigy, Placebo and Pendulum. He’s produced and composed music used by Films and TV shows including Game Of Thrones and CSI, and video games like Far Cry. He is undeniable proof you can get through this business while being nice to people. Plus he is Chair of the Music Board of mental health charity, CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and involved with a new game changing mental health start up and non-profit called My Black Dog. He is on a mission to get men to be more like women, by this he means to communicate their feelings more openly and for people to realise that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. He moves, like a benevolent vapor, between the worlds of music, radio, TV, cars, food, wine and mental health. One day he’ll do something that joins all these things. We wish you luck on that.

And joining Eddy is Andy Strange who, for over 30 years, has worked as recording engineer, mix engineer and/or producer. He worked as the assistant and engineer for the legendary Sir George Martin for 15 years and has engineered for dozens of number 1 albums and artists including The Pretenders, Natalie Imbruglia, Burt Bacharach, Mark Knopfler, Bush, George Rafferty, Pulp, John Lennon, Elton John, Duffy, Celin Dion, Cher, Michael Jackson, The Fugees, Paul Young, Robbie Williams and on and on. He currently runs his own studio called Strange World which has both vintage analogue and modern digital systems offering Mixing, Mastering, Recording, Live Recording and Remote Mixing services. You can find in-depth information regarding their services at strangeworld.co.uk.

The background music players on this episode are Joe Schirl on bass guitar and Peter Mayerhofer on hand pan. All other elements of the music was composed, engineered and mixed by Lionel Lodge.

This episode conversation was recorded at The Joint in the Kings Cross area of London, England. Click here for more information on their services.

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