EMP EP 47 The Blurred Lines Between Contemporary and Production Music with Barry Whittaker-Gilbey and Brian Burrows part 2 of 2

Exploring Music Podcast

Nov 2 2020 • 40 mins

In this, Episode 46 (which is part of Series 5) of the SyncLodge Exploring Music Podcast we explore the blurred lines between contemporary music and production music for use in visual productions with industry experts Barry Whittaker-Gilbey and Brian Burrows part 2 of 2

Barry Whittaker-Gilbey, a frequently sought-after music industry consultant specialising in music licensing and synchronisation. He has over 20 years experience in the music industry working with clients and partners as diverse as Samsung, Universal, Warners, Sky TV, Fox, BBC to name a few.

He is also a composer in his own right, having credits with a vast range of companies both in the UK and worldwide. He has consistently throughout his career worked at the cutting edge of the music industry and developing technologies.

His current list of positions include; Directory/Composer at Energy Music, Head of Sync and Licensing at Kycker, Producer/Composer/Consultant at Hodo Music, Board Member on Sheffield City Region Music Board, and continues to be a Recording Artist and composer.

And joining Barry is Brian Burrows

Brian Burrows is a Composer, Producer and Music Publisher who grew up in Liverpool playing on the live music scene, then moved to London aged 18. He spent his formative years as a songwriter/producer working with the likes of Liam Frost, Spek, Longview, Fil Eisler and as a remixer/engineer for many artists including Robbie Williams, Ian Brown and Roger Waters. Brian has been composing music for TV and Film for many years including the scores for the BAFTA nominated Channel 4 film, The Hunt For Tony Blair. His music has been used by many world class TV, Film and ad producers including BBC, Disney, Netflix, Channel 4, ESPN, National Geographic, Sky Sports, CNN, ITV, Amazon, Nokia, Toyota, BMW, Stihl and Becks.

The EMP theme music players are Joe Schirl on bass guitar and Peter Mayerhofer on hand pan. The music played through the conversation was composed, engineered and mixed by Lionel Lodge.

This episode conversation was recorded at The Joint in the Kings Cross area of London, England. For more information on their services please visit www.thejoint.org.uk

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