D.A.R.E. Episode 3: Shaun Wallace on turning failure into success & only Black person to win "Mastermind"

The D.A.R.E. Podcast (a #successfulmindset podcast) with Host Prof Miranda K. Brawn

Feb 23 2024 • 38 mins

Recorded in August 2023, Shaun Anthony Linford Wallace is an award-winning television personality, barrister, lecturer and author. He is one of the six "chasers" on the ITV quiz show The Chase and the only black person to ever win Mastermind. He is also an author, part-time lecturer and visits schools, colleges and other institutions to educate students on aspects of law. Shaun is also a celebrity ambassador for The Miranda Brawn Diversity Leadership Foundation (www.TMBDLF.com).

Listen to this D.A.R.E. episode number three to learn more about the following and so much more as he speaks to the host and producer of The D.A.R.E. Podcast Prof Miranda K. Brawn who is also known as the world's fastest success mindset coach - "The 60 Seconds Coach".

  1. How to use transferable skills for a portfolio career including landing a television role
  2. Key messages for a successful mindset including advice for students starting their career
  3. Addressing setbacks and failure including how he turned his A level failure into success
  4. How he became the only black person to ever win "Mastermind"
  5. His slavery roots going back to the Caribbean and leaving a legacy
  6. Racism in society including within schools and how to address it
  7. The power of allyship for true diversity and inclusion

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