Episode#15 Wenzhuo Liu from Liu-Tea-Art, on Daoisim, Art & Tea History

Shernelle's Tea Talk

Mar 14 2021 • 39 mins

Wenzhuo Liu  is an Artist, Writer, Teabiologist and Guqin lover, who along with her husband, who is a Daoist priest, are  the founders of Liu-Tea-Art, alongside Wudang-Daoist-Tea.  The couple lived in Wudang Shan for many years and managed their own tea plantation since 2014. They have relocated to Germany and are in the process of establishing a Daoist temple with a tea garden, where they will share knowledge on Daoisim, Tea Culture and Art.

Wenzhuo has translated the works of Zhu Quan's Daoist tea book 'Cha pu'. Her Translated copy is called 'Tea Notes' and is available now. I would highly recommend a copy.

Check out their website here: https://liu-tea-art.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/liu_tea.art/

Wudang Temple Germany: https://wu-dang-pai.de/

Purchase Tea Notes book here: https://shop.liu-tea-art.com/produkt/tea-notes-the-daoist-tea-book-cha-pu-zhu-quan/

Other tea books we discussed:
The Classic of Tea by Lu Yu
Treatise on Tea Book by Emperor Huizong of Song

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