Episode# 20 Journal du Thé

Shernelle's Tea Talk

Apr 25 2021 • 58 mins

Journal du Thé is based on an idea by French artist Johanna Tagada Hoffbeck and design by Tillmann Wendelstein.  Both gather content and edit each and every chapter themselves occasionally with the help of guest contributors. The magazine is a collaborative project to express authentically creative expression, based around tea and to share the many unique stories behind it.

Journal du Thé website: https://www.journalduthe.net
Journal du Thé on Instagram: @Journal du Thé

Journal du Thé is published by Poetic Pastel Press, London.

Johanna is a French Artist painter and interdisciplinary artist. Her practice composed of painting,  drawing, installation, sculpture, film, photography, and writing often conceals ecological messages, rendered in soft and delicate methods. In several of the artistʼs projects interaction with the environment and others plays a central role.

Johanna's Website: www.johannatagada.net
Instagram: @johannatagada

Tilmann Steffen Wendelstein is a designer and art director whose life and work oscillate between Berlin and Tokyo.

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