How to parent according to motive - learning to speak your child's own language

The Ohana Adventure

Jun 15 2020 • 42 mins

Have you ever tried to talk to your children only to notice one child isn't listening at all, the other is intently listening with a smile on their face, you just noticed that your third child magically disappeared and your fourth is knocked out asleep?

In today’s episode, we go over how to talk to each of your children in a way that will keep them attentive and understanding of what you are trying to convey.

This has been our favorite episode thus far!

Our Ohana had the incredible opportunity of Having Dr. Taylor Hartman, the author of THE COLOR CODE and the newly released THE PEOPLE CODE come to our home and officiate a family retreat.

Dig into this episode and stay tuned for the follow-up episodes that are coming soon! we will dig in deeper with each Bennett kid and how we are increasing our ability to properly communicate with them.

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