Why Your Game Master Attitude Matters!


19-09-2022 • 50 Min.

In this episode of DoubleDM we discuss TTRPG Game Master Attitudes and Mindsets.

By that, we mean your attitude towards running tabletop roleplaying games, the players and their characters, and the world you created. It's not about which Mindset is better than the others cause GM Mindsets are heavily dependent on a lot of factors like the group of players you have and even depend just on the person you are. Obviously, we can all agree that an Asshole shouldn't be a Game Master, right?

In this episode, however, you can still find a lot of interesting information about how you can make more conscious well-informed decisions as a Game Master for your Table to uphold fun, safety, and expectations. We talk about Adversarial GMing and Ironfist GMing in particular and what it means for us to think in a Player vs. GM Mindset. You will also find lots of advice on how to make sure you don't become an Adversarial Game Master. Don't worry you will mostly be fine.

You will also find some of our fun and interesting takes on Game Master Advise and why we think Game Mastering is an inherently weird thing to do.

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