OneD&D, The Good, The Bad, And the Ugly


05-09-2022 • 58 Min.

It's finally time.

The future of D&D is here. Well sort of... There was a big announcement Stream a few weeks ago that talked about the future of Dungeons & Dragons.

It was revealed that the new "edition" of D&D will be... still D&D 5th Edition. Wizards are just gonna stop using the Edition Suffix from now on and wants us to do the same. But there were still some announcements and even a 21-page document released that give a picture of how D&D will look in the future. In that Document, you will find the reworked Character Origins and a few Rule Changes and that is what will be discussed in today's episode of DoubleDM. We talk about what we like and what we dislike about the Announcements, Rules, and documents, we talk about what we think will come in the future, and talk about a few things we would have liked to see instead.

The Playtest Survey is out now btw. so if you have read the document yourself we also encourage you to fill out the survey to help shape the future of D&D.

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