What are the Best Practices for Going Live? Answers from LinkedIn

Live-Broadcasting.Rocks: LIVE Video-Streaming Trends, Technology & Mindset - by Daniel Schwenger

Oct 19 2021 • 14 mins

If you would like to use live video on social networks to let people know about your product service or mission. This is the place to go. In this podcast. you'll learn how to get out with ease and pleasure with your life videos and make them a success. My name is Daniel Schwenger. I am a digital marketing specialist, and I am happy to welcome you to today's episode about „best practices, of going live“. So there was this overview about going live on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a special case. You need permission from LinkedIn before you do a live stream, therefore you have to apply. And below there in this application from LinkedIn. There is also a very nice overview of best practices. LinkedIn proposes you to be live and how to do it. And I think that is the best summary I have seen about this topic about going live. And so this is what I can contribute now to you that I am giving you these practices, but I will also give my additional points of view to. First do not go live more than once a day.


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I am Daniel Schwenger, a digital marketing specialist and YouTube Influencer in Geneva/Switzerland. I help thought leaders and business owners to set up their home studio for high-quality video streams and to get into the right mindset, look good on camera and gain trust, engagement and clients.

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