Opportunities and challenges for IoT in the global Retail Supply Chain industry, with Girish Dhaneshwar

A Cup of Capital

04-05-2021 • 20 Min.

Girish Dhaneshwar, Consulting Practice Leader for Retail, Consumer Goods, and Travel & Hospitality at Cognizant, gives us an insight into how IoT has affected the Retail Supply Chain industry, why IoT is gaining importance in the retail supply chain, and which areas of retail supply chain use IoT solutions to solve their problems and why. He also shares his opinion on what can determine whether your IoT products will be successful in getting adopted and accepted in the industry and gives us an idea about what mistakes to avoid.

I would like to clarify that the podcast focuses on Girish’s personal opinions, and his statements are, in no manner or fashion, representative of Cognizant as a company.