The New Frontier in Elective Medicine: Trends in Sexual Wellness

True to Form

Dec 11 2023 • 1 hr 1 min

In this episode, Audrey Neff speaks with Tim Sawyer, two-time Inc. 500 entrepreneur, motivational speaker, business advisor, and practice owner, on the advancements and innovations in the sexual wellness field, particularly those related to men's health.
As an advisor and investor in REGENmax® (which just received the only global patent for the reversal of ED) and a partner of Tru Male Medical, a men's-only health & wellness clinic in Oakbrook, IL, Tim breaks down the economics of offering sexual wellness treatments in your practice and the concept of "profit with purpose." In today's current state, with males continuing to represent a valuable addressable market in both wellness & aesthetics, incorporating sexual wellness in your practice not only can create an opportunity for higher returns, but more importantly, an opportunity to provide life-changing care for the 30+ million men across the U.S. who currently suffer from erectile dysfunction.