Turning Challenges into Opportunities: Empowering the Masses in Aesthetics

True to Form

Jan 23 2024 • 50 mins

Audrey Neff is joined by MedShift's CEO, Joe Gasque, and Chief Commercial Officer, Sean Shapiro, in this week's episode of True to Form. With over 80 percent of the medical aesthetics landscape still being made up of predominantly single location practices, small business owners often deal with financing challenges, balancing overhead, limited resources, COGS, and paying off debt. To solve this gap in the industry and create more opportunities for small to midsize aesthetic practices, MedShift was formed. Now boasting a portfolio of 113 devices, 2,300 practice accounts, and 25 aesthetic manufacturer partnerships, MedShift has evolved into one of the emerging companies to watch in the industry. Tune in to hear how MedShift's unique business model is helping practices focus on their true mission of treating & retaining patients, while also building a financially healthy business. Plus -- the three discuss the exciting launch of the new MedShift Store -- a first-ever aesthetic ecosystem offering a one-stop online marketplace for aesthetic supplies, top brands, device consumable and product bundles. Through the new MedShift Store, aesthetic practices can maximize their savings with new programs designed to make practices more profitable while reducing the cost of operating their business.