Calm Lofi Hip Hop Beats to Relax, Study, Chill, Sleep | METAMA LOUNGE

1I'll Calmly Keep Working until I Reach My Aim2I Promised Myself I Wouldn't Work on the Weekends3How to Make Monotony More Exciting4Remember That You're Not in This Alone5It's Been a Tough Road but We Made It6It Doesn't Matter How Many Times You've Failed7What Are Your Ambitions?8Crystallizing Views and Dreams9The Future Is Bright10A Day on the Beach11The Morning Silence Is a Blissful Escape From the Chaos of the Day12It's Not Too Late When It's Morning13The Monotony of My Daily Routine Shields Me from Reality14Don't Forget Why We Work at All15Getting an Early Start on the Day Has Benefits16I Know What I'm Working For17The Benefits of Steady Repetition18The Routine19Still Waiting on Some Documents20Monotony and Routine Help Me Get Through the Day21The End of the Rain Is Near22Work to Improve Each Day23Walking to Work24What Will You Do Today?25Maybe I Just Need a Change26It Is Night When Our Day Settles Down27The Waves Bring Me Peace28You'll Be Feeling Better Soon Enough29You Fought All Day, and You Won30Solitude Means Strength31The Magical Power of Nature32My Life Outside33The Pain Is Almost Gone34I Am Hiding in the Rain35I Like to Be Alone With My Thoughts36Learning How to Navigate Through Life37The Key to Success Is in the Routine38Say Goodbye to Stress and Anxiety39What to Wear on a Rainy Day40Rainy Night in the City41Trust in Your Skills42A Quiet Day in My Neighborhood43A Day I Loved44They Say That Rain Makes You Look at Things Differently45Leaving the Workday Behind Me46The Small Victory of the Day47Focus on the Positive Side of Things48The Power of Resilience49Opening My Eyes to the Light Each Morning50I Found Tranquility Here Today51I Spend Time Studying Very Early in the Morning52I Can't Trouble Myself Now53Connected54I'm a Little Bored55The Power of Habit56Stop Thinking about What Could Go Wrong57How to Keep Trying When You Want to Give Up58I Know Your Deepest Pain59I Love My Job, but Days Are Long60No Worries Big or Small61I Am Filled with Peace and Serenity62You're Not Seeing What I'm Seeing63Every Day of This Life Is Well Organized64How to Find Balance65There's a Gentle Breeze66Watching Life Go by Safely out the Windows67Do I Ever Seem Stressed to You?68I Keep Fighting My Worries69The Life of a Digital Citizen70What an Awesome Day71I Channel Peace and Contentment72I Woke up at the Break of Dawn for My First Learning Session73The More Successful I Am, the More Confident I Have Become74Build Momentum to Realize Your Potential75I Am Balanced Inside76The Evening Sun Makes Any Place More Beautiful77The World Is Fresh and New, and Anything Is Possible78There Is Value in Slowing Down79The Solace of Monotony80There Are Always New Things on the Horizon81I'm Made of Iron82Why Morning People Are More Successful83The Chirping of the Birds84Artificial Intelligence Is Not Something to Be Feared85The Power of the Robots86You Are Not Alone with the Feeling of Perplexity87The Beauty of Vulnerability88I Work like a Robot89Imagine Your Life as a Movie90Without New Ideas, the World Would Stand Still91My Life Is Made of Pixels92Looking into the past by Listening to Echoes93To Progress in Life, One Must Overcome Challenges94Constantly Scanning the Skies for Signals from Other Civilizations95Before 6 Am Life Is Simple96Venturing into the Unknown97I Have Been Studying since 5 A.M.98Protect Yourself from the Rain and Cold99I Conquered All Obstacles100You Might Be Feeling Discouraged Today101The Creative Person's Guide to Problem-Solving102Being on the Right Track103It Feels Nice to Be Busy104Life Is Not Always Friendly105Progress Becomes Tangible106The Benefits of Consistency107A New Mindset for New Heights108I Am Exactly Where I Want to Be in Life