069: Why Great Leadership is Much More Than Your Title with Renee Draper

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May 31 2023 • 31 mins

Are you a young leader? Do you think you’re worthy of respect? Gone are the days when leaders automatically received respect due to their titles. Today’s teams demand a new type of leader; the type worthy of their respect, regardless of age.

In this episode, I interviewed Renee Draper, the Chief People Officer of Peregrine Corporation. Renee has a long history of leading large teams in highly strategic but practical workplaces where people, service, and positive experiences are at the heart of everything they do. I absolutely loved Renee’s passion for creating a workplace where people want to be part of something exciting and take ownership of the organization’s success.

Tune in to hear Renee describe what it takes to build a strong people culture, why a title doesn’t necessarily earn you people’s respect, and how having structure can free up your life. Let’s go!

Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Getting to Know Renee Draper (00:00)
  • Renee’s First Taste of Leadership (04:27)
  • Why Renee Joined Peregrine Corporation (06:47)
  • What It’s Like Transforming Owner-Operated Businesses (07:58)
  • Renee’s Big Why (09:16)
  • How to Build Resilience For Yourself and Your Team (11:22)
  • Renee’s Resilience Practice (13:28)
  • How Having Structure Can Free Up Your Life (18:27)
  • The Benefits of Making Time For Reflection (20:22)
  • Major Highlights in Renee’s Career So Far (21:05)
  • Top 5 tips for leaders and upcoming leaders (24:23)
  • Parting thoughts (27:29)

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