066: Leadership Your Way: Season 5 of the Made For More Podcast

Made For More

May 28 2023 • 14 mins

The Made For More Podcast is now in Season 5. What started as a fun thing to do during Covid is now an incredible journey of empowering leaders to embrace their unique leadership style and unlock their true potential.

Season 5, titled Leadership Your Way, will explore diverse leadership approaches and the transformative impact effective leadership can have on individuals, teams, and the organization. Throughout this series, we’ll break down captivating leadership styles that have made a massive dent in the world. We’ll also unravel remarkable stories of leaders who have defied conventions and demonstrated that there’s no singular formula for success.

I can’t wait to share this season’s special episodes, guests, and topics with you. Expect to learn the important skills you need to start flexing to make leadership easier, more enjoyable and more impactful. Let’s Go!

Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Who is Ally Nitschke (01:00)
  • What to Expect From the Podcast This Season (02:48)
  • Why Effective Leadership is Now More Important Than Ever (03:58)
  • The New Era of Leadership (05:29)
  • Unleash the Leader Within You (06:10)
  • Leadership Your Way (08:11)
  • Parting Thoughts (11:05)

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