072: The Role of Transformational Leadership in Academic Institutions with Professor Jennie Shaw

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Jun 12 2023 • 36 mins

Leadership means many things in academia. The good news is that with all the changes happening in the world, it’s an exciting time to be in higher education. The not-so-good news is that leadership in academia poses ethical and structural challenges that require a special set of capabilities.

In this episode, I got to interview Professor Jennie Shaw, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President of Academics at The University of Adelaide. I had an absolute blast speaking with Professor Shaw about her unique takes on leadership in the world of academia.

Tune in to learn more about leadership styles in academia, why Australians are no longer going to university, and some intriguing thoughts on personal leadership. Let’s go!

Topics We Discussed Include:

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Getting to know Jennie Shaw (01:55)
  • How Jennie successfully balances careers in art and law (03:50)
  • The future of equity and fairness in Australia (06:07)
  • Reasons why fewer Australians are going to university (08:58)
  • Why the idea around careers is shifting among Australian youth (12:50)
  • How to take on a new skill without disrupting your current life (16:50)
  • The evolution of Jennie’s leadership (18:40)
  • Jennie’s thoughts on personal leadership (21:03)
  • Learning to become an adaptable leader (23:45)
  • Taking time off after a hectic 2022 (26:33)
  • Top 5 tips for leaders and upcoming leaders (28:10)
  • Parting thoughts (34:56)

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