078: Exploring Feminine Power: Unleashing the Potential of Modern Leadership with Josephine Palermo

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Jul 24 2023 • 33 mins

In this podcast episode, Ally Nitschke and Josephine Palermo delve into the topic of femininity and feminine power in the workplace and leadership roles. Drawing on her expertise as a PhD holder in education and her extensive experience in corporate Australia, Palermo asserts that femininity is not only relevant but serves as the foundation for modern leadership. She argues that recruitment processes should consider not only technical expertise but also relational capabilities, which can be found in both men and women. Palermo emphasises the importance of creating a work environment and culture that fosters collaboration and allows individuals to thrive. Additionally, she highlights the need for senior leaders to unlearn outdated behaviours and become allies to women in the workplace.

The discussion continues with an exploration of the challenges faced by executives today, including increased interdependencies between functional roles, the need for vulnerability and personal leadership, and the importance of involving more women in finding solutions. Palermo shares an example from her book, where a male executive berates a male manager for his reluctance to engage with a stakeholder, using derogatory language. A senior female manager calls out this behaviour, prompting an open dialogue about its implications. Rather than focusing solely on behaviour change, Palermo advocates for dialogue and self-reflection, asking questions such as "What if we did it differently?" and "What are my biases?". She emphasises that men and women face similar challenges and encourages compassion and open dialogue to help men understand and navigate these issues.

To wrap up the episode, Palermo offers five tips for effective leadership, including believing in one's unique feminine strengths, gaining awareness of biases, motivating individuals through autonomy, and prioritising teamwork. Listeners are invited to visit www.risingtofemininepower.com to learn more about Palermo's book, "Rising to Feminine Power," which features Wonder Woman on the cover.

Josephine Palermo is a sought-after speaker, author, leadership coach, mentor, and podcast host with a deep understanding of gender psychology and organizational dynamics. Her philosophy centres around feminine power, as documented in her latest book "Rising to Feminine Power: The Lasso of Truth," where she explores the journey women go through to achieve true feminine power and addresses the struggles many women face with power. Josephine's popular podcast, "Gears, Action, Growth: Shifting Business Culture One Conversation at a Time," showcases her engaging conversational style and expertise, providing valuable knowledge, resources, and inspiration to the audience. Her key focus areas include helping women overcome barriers, viewing leadership through a positive feminine lens, and creating enriched and inclusive cultures that support women leaders to thrive.

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