059: How to prevent burnout and the steps to recover from burnout with Jess Stuart

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Apr 25 2022 • 28 mins

With a desire to be successful and achieve high performance, people often throw themselves into work to the extent that you are completely exhausted by the end of week; working for 60, 70 hours and you don’t have time to take a much-deserved break. And to add on you have the imposter syndrome which makes you feel that you do not deserve to be where you are positioned and then feel the pressure to do well to justify the position you are in.

In reality, this culture of wanting to do the best; your pursuit for brilliance could be actually driving you towards burnout. Your desire to do more, putting in a greater number of hours, wanting to have perfection, which we believe is the recipe for success and high performance, can actually lead to burnout without your awareness.

If you are too exhausted to get out of the bed by Friday night or do not have time to catch up with your social circle or too busy to carry out your favourite activity, then you could probably be heading towards burnout.

Prevention is definitely better than cure.

Self-care is one strategy to prevent burnout. It is a duty which is not listed in the job description that allows us to do everything on the job description. Thus, it should not to be treated as a luxury but a necessity. It could be as simple as starting with something small which is easy to do like doing yoga, going for a brief walk and the like. But people could often have a long a list that it starts putting pressure on you and ultimately self-care could lead to burnout. One needs to know what fuels your tank.

If you have been working too many hours or taking on too many tasks lately, don’t spread yourself too thin that you land up delivering crap; learn to say ‘No’ to save yourself from burnout. Our guest for this episode believes that it is not your job to know it all or do it all. Tune in into our podcast and listen to what Jess Stuart has to say on ‘how to prevent burnout and the steps to recover from burnout’. She brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experiences on being a sustainable resource and achieving our potential.

Topics We Discussed include:

·     Getting to know Jess Stuart (3:20)

·     Signs of burnout (4:10)

·     What led to burnout (6:58)

·     Imposter Syndrome and burnout (8:45)

·     How to get out of burnout (10:23)

·     Learnings from Buddhist monks (12:14)

·     Self-care (13:50)

·     Saying No and setting limits (15:46)

·     Brilliance Now as opposed to how Jess defined Brilliance then (18:11)

·     What can you do to actively come out of burnout (20:39)

·     Key signs to look out for (22:34)

·     Top five tips for leaders (24:05)

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