075: Rise of the Courageous Leader {a preview} with Ally Nitschke

Made For More

Jul 3 2023 • 18 mins

In this episode of the Made for More podcast, I will discuss my recently released book, Rise of the Courageous Leader. I will introduce the three pillars of leadership: self-awareness, team awareness, and organizational awareness and start reading through the book to give listeners a sneak peek of what it is about. I will also share my own experiences with leadership, including how I had to learn to use my words to have courageous conversations with my team in order to turn around a toxic work environment.

I will emphasise the need for leaders to have conviction and courage to be successful, as well as the importance of focusing on impact and legacy while building relationships and adapting to fast-changing circumstances. I will also introduce my model of leadership, which covers the six levels of leadership: frozen, floundering, frazzle, clear, coasting, and confident.

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