080: Reflecting on Success and Celebrating Season Five with Ally Nitschke

Made For More

Aug 7 2023 • 28 mins

In this episode of the Made For More podcast, host Ally Nitschke wraps up season five, which focused on Leadership Your Way. She starts by expressing gratitude to her team for making the podcast possible. Ally emphasises the importance of a diverse approach to leadership, highlighting the need for different perspectives and strategies.

Episode 66 introduces a new segment called Ally Speaks, where Ally answers questions and discusses her favourite topics. The episode also serves as an opportunity for Ally to thank her team and acknowledge their contributions to the podcast's success.

Episode 67 features an interview with an award-winning pharmacist and entrepreneur Karen Brown. Karen shares insights on the most important leadership skills for 2023 and beyond, providing valuable advice for aspiring and current leaders.

Episode 68, Ally interviews Clifford Morgan, a former member of the Royal Australian Air Force. Clifford shares his expertise on becoming a coaching leader and nurturing the next generation of leaders.

Episode 69 features Renee Draper, the Chief People Officer at Peregrine Corporation. Renee discusses why great leadership goes beyond a title and emphasises the importance of building strong relationships and fostering a positive work culture.

Episode 70, Dr Eva Balin-Vunuk joins Ally to discuss the differences between leadership in the public and private sectors. They explore the unique challenges and opportunities faced by leaders in each context.

Episode 71 delves into the power of influence and how it impacts success in the workplace. Ally shares practical tips and strategies for increasing one's influence and achieving professional goals.

Episode 72, Professor Jenny Shaw joins the podcast to discuss leadership in academia. They explore the unique challenges and opportunities faced by academic leaders and share insights on effective leadership strategies in this context.

Episode 73, focuses on the importance of reflection and celebration. Ally encourages listeners to take time to reflect on their successes and celebrate their achievements in various areas of life, including family, brain power, health, productivity, learning, finances, fun, and the physical environment.