AFRICast Business: 90 Years Afrika-Verein - A review and outlook on German-African Business Cooperation

AFRICast Business

Jun 7 2024 • 34 mins

90 Years German-African Business Association - a reason to celebrate and time for a review and outlook on German-African Business cooperation: The current podcast episode brings together three long-standing Africa experts to: - speak about the historical responsibility of a country association that was founded in 1934 in Germany, - discuss whether Germany and Africa are on the right track towards a sustainable and equitable business partnership and - identify current topics that play a role in going forward. But certainly also: to take the opportunity to review the milestones and achievements of the jubilee: Afrika-Verein der deutschen Wirtschaft. Sabine Dall’Omo, CEO and Board member at Siemens South Africa and since 2022 Afrika-Verein's Chairperson brings in more than 30 years of professional experience, more than 20 years in Africa and more than 10 years as Afrika-Verein’s board-member. She ascertains that Afrika-Verein has „shown over the last 90 years that we are very capable to promote Africa within the German society, but also specifically in the political arena” and believes that we can fulfil our mission at least another 90 years: “Together - Successful - In Africa” H.E. Igor César has not only been ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda to Germany since 2015 but currently also represents as dean the group of African ambassadors in Germany. He sees „no reason why the ambition of Africa is not an opportunity also for German businesses” and believes that “the future of German-African business cooperation [is] bright as we confront global challenges such as climate change, digital transformation and economic inequality.” For him it may not take a revolution, just “if you do business with us, you should do business with us for all of us. Meaning: you are benefiting, we are benefiting.“ Moderator Ulf-Peter Noetzel was responsible for trade finance in Africa for Deutsche Bank for many years and now brings in his expertise and experiences as Senior Advisor to Afrika-Verein and into this discussion. Three Afrika-Verein members give further impetus to the discussion: - Rasmus Woermann, Managing Partner of Afrika-Verein-founding member and trading company C. Woermann is taking a look at the change in trade flows between Africa and Germany over the past 90 years. - Martina Biene, Chairperson and Managing Director for Volkswagen Group South Africa, believes in the car manufacturer’s expansion and localization on the African market and values ​​the interdisciplinary networks of Afrika-Verein in this context. - Thomas Festerling, Founder and CEO of GreenTech Capital Partner started in 2008 as Start-Up at the German-African Energy Forum and is now a valued partner in Afrika-Verein’s network that stands for the successful exchange between traditional enterprises’ experience and young companies’ innovative ideas.