036 | My Daily Manifestation & Gratitude Practice

Life Curation Podcast by Andrina Tisi

27-08-2021 • 14 Min.

Today I would like to introduce my daily manifestation practice to you, which has been quite life-changing for me. Before I dive into the uniqueness of it and “how-tos” I briefly talk about what manifestation is. This particular gratitude and manifestation practice is split into three parts. To learn more about it, just listen in. ___________________________ MENTIONED LINKS Gala Darling: https://galadarling.com/ My Gifts for You: https://andrinatisi.com/giftsforyou/ 5 Steps from Chaos to Clarity: https://andrinatisi.com/chaostoclarity/ ___________________________ CONNECT WITH ME Website: www.andrinatisi.com Instagram: www.instagram.com/andrinatisi/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andrinatisiLIFECURATION