Using HIL and P-HIL for cost effective and reproducible testing of power electronics with OPAL-RT Germany GmbH

Sound on. Power on.

Apr 28 2022 • 29 mins

Real-time simulation helps accelerate development and derisk early implementations in the race to transform to e-mobility and renewables. (Power) hardware-in-the-loop plays an important role. Among notable current needs is to simulate the new scenarios presented by grids with converter-driven energy sources, not least in testing for resonances, or black start conditions. For real-time simulation - particularly integrating power hardware - this presents new challenges to balance stability, accuracy, speed, and scale. Prof. Marco Jung talks to Dr. Ravinder Venugopal, Managing Director at OPAL-RT Germany, about the issues and approaches (from parallel processing to solvers and FPGAs) in episode 3 of the"Sound On. Power On." podcast. The power electronics podcast you’ve been waiting for – powered by PCIM Europe. They also discuss the future, with digital twins harnessing live data to improve real-time simulations, with the support of AI.