#3 B&P - Winning the Digital Race: How to Transform Successfully - Now! | Sarah Lawton-Duma, CEO of kloeckner.ci

Bots & People

Apr 23 2024 • 50 mins

This episode with Sarah Lawton-Duma, CEO of kloeckner.ci asks the question: Digitalization is running - are you keeping up? A must-listen for those looking to accelerate digital transformation effectively. Key highlights include:

  • Rapid Transformation: Sarah shares her strategies for quick digital integration, focusing on incremental changes that align with long-term goals.

  • Key Tactics: Learn about the agile methodologies and the critical importance of adapting swiftly to technological advances to stay competitive.

  • People at the Core: Discover why a people-focused approach is essential in digital transformation, ensuring technology serves the workforce and enhances productivity.

  • Diversity and Women in Leadership: Why diversity and people, especially women, from different backgrounds drive innovation and new perspectives in a positive way.

This episode is a must-listen for any type of Transformation leaders eager to implement change quickly and successfully in their organizations!