#24 Automation Talk - Scaling RPA the Smart Way with Anssi Talarmo and Josiah Monardo

Bots & People

Jun 24 2023 • 41 mins

Are you looking for some expert advice in robotic process automation and citizen development? Meet Anssi Talarmo, Head of Intelligent RPA at Elisa, who is here to share valuable insights from his experience in scaling RPA and citizen development. Anssi has an extensive background in engineering and currently spearheads all aspects of robotic process automation at Elisa—the Finnish market leader in mobile and fixed network services.

In this engaging conversation, Anssi imparts invaluable wisdom on:

  • overcoming resistance to change during RPA implementation

  • effectively communicating the benefits of automation initiatives to key decision-makers

  • how process mining can be used as a tool to scale automation

  • why IT governance doesn't always make sense

  • why LLMs will become as ubiquitous as the humble Excel tool.

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