(#99) What Are You Ready For?

The Manifest

13-05-2022 • 16 Min.

The Manifest Episode #99: What Are You Ready For? Are you secretly pushing away your manifestation desires because you don't really feel READY for them? This is a common manifestation problem. And today I'm sharing some inspiration and tips on how to get out of it. Remember, life is about our growth--not just achieving random goals or acquiring objects. You always get what you're ready for. So let's get you ready! In This Episode: + Find out why readiness might just be subconsciously blocking you from what you want + Get inspired to dig deep into your subconscious blocks and notice how you might be pushing your goals away + Find the inspiration and motivation to get ready for the life you REALLY want, even when it might be tough or scary! + Much more! -------------------------------- Welcome to The Manifest! A Podcast For Spiritual Rebels | Hosted by Jenn Stevens: Bestselling Author of The Mindful Witch, Spiritual Life & Business Coach & creator of The Aligned Life -------------------------------- ABOUT JENN A few years ago, I hit my rock-bottom. I lost my partner, my business and my home overnight, and ended up living in my parents' basement. It was my lowest moment--but one that ultimately reunited me with my own power and potential as a Conscious Creator. These days, I'm a Bestselling Author and Spiritual Life & Business Coach living my dream life, in Berlin, Germany. Shifting my mindset transformed my world! And now I'm here to help you to the same. The Aligned Life is where I help thousands of smart people (just like you!) ditch their fears & limitations so they can manifest their dream life & business. Welcome, dear Conscious Creator! I'm so happy to have you here. -------------------------------- SHOW NOTES: https://www.themanifest.co/99/ THE MANIFEST: https://www.themanifest.co/podcast/ FREE MANIFESTATION PLANNER: https://www.thealignedlife.co/free-manifestation-planner/ FREE MANIFESTATION SUBLIMINAL | 10 MINUTE MIRACLE: https://www.thealignedlife.co/10-minute-miracle/ JOIN RECODE MANIFESTATION ACADEMY: https://alignedlife.teachable.com/p/recode/ GET THE MANIFESTATION JOURNAL WORKSHOP: https://alignedlife.teachable.com/p/manifestation-journaling-workshop/