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2024 Report: Why Content is the New ABM
Dec 12 2023
2024 Report: Why Content is the New ABM
Barbie Mattie, former VP Principal Analyst at Forrester and current growth strategy consultant at Iron Horse, discusses the findings of her recent report on investments that B2B companies are making in 2024. The report reveals that the top three most important outcomes for high-growth companies are efficiency, retention, and expansion. Mattie emphasizes the importance of content in achieving these outcomes, stating that content is the new ABM (account-based marketing). She highlights the need for audience-centric content and a connected buyer journey. The report also shows that investing in content marketing technology is a top priority for high-growth companies. Mattie advises CMOs to learn from the successes of high-growth companies and emulate their strategies."Content with journey-specific messaging is the most effective mechanism to get from target to ICP; optimizing that practice enables a more efficient go-to-market approach." - Barbie MattieThe findings of Barbie Mattie's report shed light on the importance of efficiency, retention, and expansion as key objectives for high-growth companies. The data highlighted the crucial role of content in achieving these outcomes, with audience-centric content and content marketing technology being key areas of investment. By focusing on delivering value, building trust, and providing thought leadership through content, companies can drive growth, reduce sales cycles, and strengthen their brand. Follow Barbie Mattie on LinkedInFollow host Steve MacDonald on LinkedIn
CRO POV: The Future of the B2B Revenue Engine
Nov 18 2023
CRO POV: The Future of the B2B Revenue Engine
Eric Steele, the CRO at Source Advisors and a 15-year veteran at Forrester, stresses that the future of the B2B revenue engine lies in total alignment and strong brand equity. As B2B buyers become more empowered and knowledgeable, it is essential for companies to create a seamless alignment between sales, marketing, and customer success. This alignment not only ensures a consistent and valuable customer experience but also drives growth and success for the business as a whole.Eric discusses one of the most important subjects impacting the B2B companies today: the future of the B2B revenue engine. Eric also draws upon his insights from 15 years at Forrester and explains the increasing importance of total alignment and brand equity in a company's growth. He highlights the necessity of understanding and serving the customer at a higher level, the role and importance of revenue operations, and the significant role people, leadership, and personalities play in aligning a unifying vision."The future of the B2B revenue engine is total seamless alignment with sales, marketing, and customer success as one team, one dream, common metrics, common goals, and a common vision.” - Eric SteeleTotal alignment in the revenue organization means having one customer and one vision for serving, retaining, and growing that customer. It requires breaking down silos and eliminating competing agendas. The revenue engine should operate as one team with common metrics, goals, and vision. This alignment is crucial in meeting the high expectations of B2B buyers who expect sales reps to be knowledgeable about their business, lead with insights, and understand the outcomes their business can achieve by working with the company, strengthened by the brand.Follow Eric Steele on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/ericcsteele/Follow host Steve MacDonald on LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/stevensmacdonald/